NY City Council Head Says Police Inspector General Would be OK’d Over Mayor’s Veto


Less than a day after New York City Council speaker Christine Quinn endorsed a bill to create an inspector general to oversee the Police Department, Mayor Michael Bloomberg vowed to veto the proposal, assailing it as “disastrous for public safety,” the New York Times reports. As Ms. Quinn seeks the Democratic nomination for mayor, she has appeared far more willing to adopt stances contrary to Bloomberg. “It's unfortunate that the mayor and I disagree on this and I suspect when we pass the bill, he'll veto it and I can guarantee we will override,” Quinn said. Quinn aligned herself with civil rights leaders who have repeatedly called for independent oversight over a police force that, they believe, unfairly targets black and Hispanic residents for street stops. Bloomberg used nearly the entire length of a morning speech to criticize the proposal for an inspector general. “Over the past year, the greatest Police Department in the world has been subjected to constant attacks from elected officials and special interest groups.”

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