Student on Armed CA School Officer: “She’ll Probably Stop the Violence”


NPR tells what working life is like for an armed school police officer, profiling Myra Franco of Stockton, Ca., site of one of the nation’s first school mass shootings in 1989. Franco and School Police Chief Jim West belong to a department of 20 police officers. It was originally established not long after the 1989 massacre at Cleveland Elementary School. Today, the department keeps an eye on K-12 school campuses – 50 of them – in a city that is ranked per capita as one of the most violent in the U.S. Protecting schools from external threats, like an active school shooter, is only part of the job. West says much more of their time is spent protecting the students from each other. Franco says students know that she’ll be on campus every day. “They think twice before they do something because they’re like, ‘What’s Franco going to tell me?’ Because they know I will get on them.” One student says, “She’ll probably stop the violence from going on, or if somebody tries to bring a gun or anything, they’ll stop it.”

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