WA Nonprofit Aids “Prostitution Survivors” More Than Decade After “Green River Killer” Case Broke


Nearly a dozen years after “Green River Killer” Gary Ridgway pleaded guilty in Washington state to 49 murders, former prostitute Noel Gomez and Peter Qualliotine are working to raise money and build public support for a permanent memorial to the girls and women Ridgway strangled and discarded, the Seattle Times reports. The two are co-founders of a new Seattle nonprofit, The Organization for Prostitution Survivors. They are hosting a series of community engagements at libraries and community centers throughout the year to help educate the public about the dynamics of prostitution and the extreme sexual violence that prostituted girls and women endure. Qualliotine designed one of the first “john schools” or men who have been arrested for patronizing prostitutes. The schools examine men's accountability in creating demand for prostitution. U.S. Congressman and former King County Sheriff Dave Reichert has pledged to help Gomez and Qualliotine. As a 31-year-old detective in 1982, Reichert began investigating the Green River cases.

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