Shooter Gets Life Without Parole In Ohio School Shooting, Mocks Victims


Chardon, Oh., High School shooter T.J. Lane mocked his victims yesterday, wearing a T-shirt with the word “Killer” on it, swearing, and flipping his middle finger to their parents and families before a judge sentenced him to three consecutive life terms in prison without parole, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The parents of his victims sat in shock. “You’re a pathetic excuse for a human being. In fact, you’re not even human. You’re a monster. You’re a weak, pathetic, vile, coward,” said Dina Parmertor, mother of slain victim Daniel. Geauga County Prosecutor James Flaiz also took a turn blasting Lane. “What we’re dealing with is a disgusting human being. He still refuses to offer any explanation for why he did this. The only explanation I can offer the court is he is an evil person.” Three students were killed and three were wounded in the attack last year. Judge David Fuhry said Lane feigned mental illness. “He wanted to make a name for himself,” Fuhry said. “[He] wanted to make front-page news.”

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