ABC, NBC Crime Coverage Percentage Up Markedly Compared to 2007 Measure


The percent of network newscasts devoted to crime increased markedly on ABC and NBC last year compared with 2007, the annual news coverage survey by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism reported. Some 14 percent of ABC coverage in 2012 dealt with crime, compared with 8 percent in 2007. At NBC, 11 percent of the newshole was devoted to crime, up from 7 percent five years earlier. CBS remained steady at 9 percent each year. At ABC, crime was the top category of coverage, exceeding even politics in a presidential election year by 1 percent. At NBC politics consumed 19 percent of the coverage; crime was in second place. At CBS, Politics was 21 percent and foreign affairs, 12 percent. The study also showed that among network morning programs, the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida took up 5 percent of airtime, beating the economy, the Middle East, Afghanistan, and every other category except for the presidential election. (The Newtown Ct. school shooting took place so late in the year that it did not dominate annual coverage totals.)

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