Denver Chief Rejects Evaluations, Says Too Many Rated “Outstanding”


Denver Police Chief Robert White rejected scores of performance evaluations for civilians who work for the police department, saying the ratings were too high and “not everyone is outstanding,” the Denver Post reports. That means many nonuniformed city employees expecting to receive merit raises based on performance reviews may not get anticipated raises — a double blow coming just as the city lifted furloughs for the first time in five years.

“For me, it is about doing the right thing,” White said. “Don’t water down the process.” White, who has been chief for 14 months, has been leading a change that has included flattening the command staff and forcing commanders, detectives, technicians, and corporals to reapply for their positions. He has hired civilians to assume desk jobs held by police to get more cops on patrol. Now, he is challenging how those civilians and sworn officers get evaluated. White sent back all of the evaluations after noticing many employees had been given “outstanding” or “exceeds expectations” or “successful” ratings — or 5s, 4s or 3s on the 5-tier scale — entitling those employees to a merit raise.

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