8 Former DEA Chiefs Say Feds Should Act to ify State Laws Legalizing Pot


Eight former U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration chiefs say the federal government needs to act now or it might lose the chance to ify Colorado and Washington's laws legalizing recreational marijuana use, reports the Associated Press. The group contends that the Obama administration has reacted too slowly and should immediately sue to force the states to rescind the legislation. Ex-administrator Peter Bensinger said the U.S. should act now or risk creating ''a domino effect'' in which other states follow suit.

Attorney General Eric Holder told state attorneys general last week that he is still reviewing the laws but that his review is winding down. The Justice Department could sue to block the states from issuing licenses to marijuana growers, processors, and retail stores, on the grounds that doing so conflicts with federal drug law. The ex-DE A heads are speaking though the Florida-based Save Our Society from Drugs, a national group lobbying against legalization. The former DEA administrators are Bensinger, John Bartels, Robert Bonner, Thomas Constantine, Asa Hutchinson, John Lawn, Donnie Marshall, and Francis Mullen. They served both Republican and Democratic presidents.

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