Judge: Failure to Get Treatment May Have Led to Killings of Two CA Cops


A former Portland man’s refusal to accept help for his erratic and sometimes criminal behavior could have led to his killing of two California officers, then dying in a shootout with police, those involved with his Oregon trial tell The Oregonian. Jeremy Goulet, 35, was found guilty of peering into a condo in 2007 to watch a woman shower and carrying a gun without a concealed weapons permit. Goulet violated his probation and was ordered to serve two years in jail. On Tuesday, two police officers went to the home of Goulet in Santa Cruz, Ca., to follow up on an allegation that he made inappropriate sexual advances toward a co-worker at her home. Detective Sgt. Loran “Butch” Baker, 51, a 28-year police veteran, and Detective Elizabeth Butler, 38, a 10-year veteran, were fatally shot at the front door. Judge Eric Bloch, who handled Goulet’s case in Oregon said, “The same issues we were trying to help him with while he was in our system came to a head elsewhere. They went untreated, escalated, ended in his death, the death of two police officers and added possible trauma to the person who filed the complaint against him. It’s tragic all the way around.”

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