Arkansas Journalist Tells Lessons Learned From “Stupid” Posting of Concealed-Carry List


Journalist Gwen Moritz of Arkansas Business tells lessons she learned from having posted and removed the Arkansas concealed-carry list from the publication’s website. “I was stupid. Also naïve. And I am truly sorry because, as pure as my motive for posting the list was, it became obvious to me that my tactic was colossally wrong,” Moritz said. Moritz’ name, her husband's name, home address, phone, and work phone numbers and pictures of her house “were posted all over the Internet,” as well as a Facebook page called “Gwen Moritz Breaks the Law.” (although she did not.)

Among her lessons learned: When it comes to guns, subtle distinctions go out the window.” She explains that her point that citizens should be able to ask their government whom it has licensed to carry a concealed weapon. turned her into “unrecognizable caricature who wants to strip Americans of the right to own guns, who hates America and the Constitution.” She also says, “A lot of our fellow Americans are scared. I heard from several people whose names were on the Arkansas CCL list who said they were happy for the world to know that they could be packing at any time.” Finally, “They don't want to hurt me. As far as I know, I haven't received any actual death threats, not even from the people who thought it was a proportional response to post directions to my house on the Internet.”

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