State Gun Laws a Patchwork; NRA Seeks More Enforcement, Not New Laws


California forbids the sale of assault weapons. Florida mandates a three-day wait before handgun purchases. Missouri and Idaho don't regulate much of anything at all when it comes to firearms. McClatchy Newspapers say that thousands of laws, rules and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels dictate who can buy, sell, possess and transport firearms; everything from hunting rifles to the type of high-tech guns found on battlefields. Policies vary by states, even within states. The patchwork of laws across the nation is prompting gun- control activists to push lawmakers in Washington to create a uniform, nationwide system for firearms. National Rifle Association president David Keene says the federal government needs to enforce existing laws, not create new ones. “That's how you deal with gun crime,” He said. “Today very few people are prosecuted under these federal laws. The laws are there and it isn't a patchwork. U.S. attorneys all over the country, in cooperation with local officials, can say to them, 'You bring me somebody who committed a crime in your jurisdiction with a firearm and I'll send them to federal prison.' That can be done today.”

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