Some Gun Firms Threaten Police-Sales Boycotts Over New Controls


A growing number of U.S. firearms firms are vowing to reverse-boycott local and state governments that enact any new infringements on the Second Amendment, reports the Christian Science Monitor. Vowing to close “the police loophole,” at least 50 U.S. companies, ranging from gun machinists to gun shops, say they’ll refuse to sell weapons and gear to police in places where governments ban the use of the same gear by civilians.

Quality Arms of Rigby, Id., writes on its website that it “will not supply any firearm or product manufactured by us or any other company, nor will we warranty, repair, alter or modify a firearm owned by any state, county or municipality that infringes on the right of its citizens to bear arms under the 2nd Amendment.” So far, none of the major gun manufacturers have joined the list, and it’s an open question whether the smaller companies are bluffing or would even have occasion to sell directly to governments in places like New York state that have toughened gun controls.

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