California’s Seizures of Illegal Guns Seen as Potential National Model


By law, Alexander Hernandez should have surrendered his gun to the state of California three years ago after a judge issued a restraining order against him for alleged domestic violence, says the Los Angeles Times. He didn’t, so eight armed agents from the California Department of Justice banged on his door and took it from him. California has the nation’s only program to confiscate guns from people who bought them legally but later became disqualified. During twice-weekly sweeps over the last five years, agents have collected more than 10,000 guns. There are still more than 19,700 people on the state’s Armed Prohibited Persons database. Collectively, they own about 39,000 guns. About 3,000 people are added to the list each year. Clearing the backlog would cost $40 million to $50 million, says Attorney General Kamala Harris. As gun control has moved to the forefront of national debate, California’s program is being studied as a potential model.

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