Police Tell School Officials, Students to Confront Shooters if Necessary


Law enforcement authorities are advising school officials and even young students to confront suspects in future campus attacks physically as a final line of defense, says USA Today. The advisories, included in training videos and documents prepared by police, represent a major shift in tactics for law enforcement officials who have traditionally counseled potential victims to flee and hide while waiting for authorities to answer calls for help. “These incidents are becoming a fact of life,” University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Chief Susan Riseling told a meeting of law enforcement colleagues gathered here. “If there is no other option, take the shooter out.” Riseling, who has produced an instructional video on dealing with “active shooters,” said that while police have long urged potential victims to avoid such confrontations at all costs, recent mass shootings are forcing a controversial change in the ranks. Chuck Wexler of the law enforcement think tank Police Executive Research Forum, said the instructional shift reflects a “sea change” in thinking for police who have been re-examining guidance they provide to schools and other possible targets of mass casualty attacks.

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