Schools Are Scrambling to Boost Security, Guns Still Getting In


At Park Hill High School in Kansas City, some of the most heightened security measures in the area didn't prevent a student from bringing a .22-caliber handgun to school last month, McClatchy Newspapers report. The school added security cameras, guards, and locks on all external doors. The Park Hill School District already had required middle and high school students to wear identification badges around their necks for the past few years.

Yet on Jan. 31, a sophomore was arrested after another student tipped off administrators that he'd been carrying a loaded weapon. Schools around the U.S. have implemented an array of security measures after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Ct. Many school systems are finding that it falls on their shoulders to find out what meets the needs of their communities. They have learned that even the most advanced technology is no replacement for having trained and prepared students and staff. “When you walk into these schools, you're finding crisis teams have not actually been formalized and have not been meeting on a regular basis, school crisis plans have not been updated for a number of years, and all of a sudden after Sandy Hook, people are scrambling,” said Ken Trump, a national school security consultant.

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