Obama’s Gun Proposals Omitted Many Items Gun-Rights Backers Oppose


Some in President Obama’s own party say he has put together a gun agenda that is sweeping without being too painful for most Democrats to support, reports NPR. “He did the right thing when he laid out his principles. It was not a crazy wish list,” says Jim Kessler of the centrist Democrat group Third Way. “It didn’t include a lot of things that gun rights supporters find anathema. You know, it didn’t include licensing and registration. It didn’t include one-gun-a-month limits. It didn’t include waiting periods. It was a very measured package that was moderate.”

The president had to convince gun control advocates that his newfound zeal for gun restrictions isn’t just lip service. In his first year in office, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence gave him an “F” for a “lack of leadership for common-sense gun laws.” The past few weeks have changed all that, says Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center. “It’s a complete sea change,” she says. “Obviously, the tragedy at Newtown had a huge personal impact on him, and everyone in the gun violence prevention community was very open about being disappointed with him in the first term. But we’re seeing a very serious, dedicated focus on identifying and passing effective gun violence prevention measures.”

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