Journalist Criticized Over True Crime Book on ‘Misguided Faith and Murder’


Did a journalist with an anti-Christian, pro-homosexual agenda persecute a small church in upstate New York in a true-crime book about a family incident that ended in murder? That’s what a minister, along with his lawyer and supporters, claim is the case in a book by journalist Mark Obbie, “God’s Nobodies: Misguided Faith and Murder in the Life of One American Family.” The book follows a serial tragedy in a Syracuse suburb: a firefighter dies in the line of duty; four years later, his son kills his widow; and then the rest of the family falls apart in a bitter fight over loyalty to their church and arguments about what led to the crime.

Now the same battle is playing out after publication of God’s Nobodies, which explains how Tim Ginocchetti’s secret homosexuality caused such friction with his mother, due to her strict faith and fear of offending her minister, that her harsh treatment of her son over his lack of manly traits caused him to explode in violence. In an interview with the Syracuse Post-Standard, Obbie says it’s the journalist’s role to explain crimes that baffle and anger the public.

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