OpenCarry.Org Supports “Wholesome” Public Carrying of Holstered Guns


In Charlottesville, Va., on Sunday, a man walked into a supermarket with a loaded rifle. Shoppers called 911 and authorities rushed to the store, but police said they could not make an arrest. The man carrying the gun had not broken the law, reports WVTF radio for NPR. “What was the necessity of carrying it in there and alarming mothers, fathers and their children?” asks police Lt. Ronnie Roberts. “And it alarmed us. It alarms law enforcement.”

People may carry weapons openly in certain public places in 44 states. Virginia gets a “gold star” from the advocacy group, which calls it “wholesome” to wear a properly holstered gun. “By not having people carry openly, but by forcing them to conceal their firearm, we’re treating them as somehow unwholesome. We’re treating gun holders like some kind of criminal,” says founder John Pierce. “What the open carry movement is trying to do is to normalize the presence of firearms in daily life.” Pierce expects more of these kinds of incidents, which he calls a “spontaneous reaction by gun owners to what they see as a constant attack by the media, and by politicians, on what they see as their fundamental rights.”

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