Emanuel to Move 200 More Chicago Cops to Patrol Work; Outrage Over Teen Killing


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is expected to announce today that he will reassign 200 police officers on administrative duty to patrol work, a week after the inspector general suggested such a move, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Civilians would fill the newly vacated desk jobs. After analyzing 30 different units within the Chicago Police Department's $1.25 billion-a-year bureaucracy, Inspector General Joe Ferguson recommended that Emanuel turn over 292 of the 370 full-time jobs currently held by sworn officers to civilians.

Other news outlets reported outrage over the killing of Hadiya Pendleton, 15, one week after she performed with a band in Washington, D.C., during President Obama’s inauguration festivities. The girl was fatally shot Tuesday afternoon in a park about a mile north of Obama’s Chicago home.

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