Change in British Law Could Allow Bratton to Lead Scotland Yard


London newspapers report that “American supercop” Bill Bratton has revealed that he wants to be the first foreigner to run the Metropolitan Police. Bratton, former top cop in New York and Los Angeles, was courted by Prime Minister David Cameron to run Scotland Yard in 2011, but he was blocked from applying because of concerns about appointing a foreigner to a post with national security responsibilities.

The Daily Mail and other papers said Home Secretary Theresa May intends to change the law to allow foreign candidates to apply for top policing jobs in Britain. That will pave the way for a renewed interest in Bratton, 65, who told the Times of London that leading the Met is 'the only job' that interests him in the UK. The move will unsettle Bernard Hogan-Howe, Met commissioner since September 2011.

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