How the “Gun Show Loophole” Works–No Background Checks to Sell Uzi


When gun control advocates talk about closing the “gun show loophole,” it’s a 70-year-old retiree named Norm from Henderson, Nv., they want to stop, says the San Francisco Chronicle. Norm was among the hundreds of private sellers who crowded into the Las Vegas Sports Center on Saturday to exchange guns for cash – no background check needed. It’s a practice that will be outlawed if Congress adopts President Obama’s proposal to require background checks on all gun purchases, not just the ones involving a federally licensed seller.

Asked who could buy his Uzi semi-automatic weapon with a bundle of 30-round magazines, Norm replied, “Anyone who has $2,000.” As far as Norm’s concerned, Obama – and the 80 percent of Americans who recent polls show agree with efforts to close the loophole – can go take a long walk in the hot desert. At stake, Norm said, was nothing less than his constitutional rights under the Second Amendment and his personal freedom to sell his property when and how he chooses. Rules forcing him to call the federal government to get clearance for each of his buyers would be an undue burden that would cost him money. “This is a good time to cash in,” he said. “This is doing better than my CDs and 401K combined. So who’s going to tell me I can’t sell something that’s mine, and to whomever I want to?”

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