Chicago Considers Two Police Misconduct Settlements Totalling $33 Million


Nearly seven years after Christina Eilman wandered out of a Chicago police station and into a catastrophe, her tragic entanglement with the Chicago Police Department began to come to an end yesterday with a proposed $22.5 million legal settlement that may be the largest the city ever offered to a single victim of police misconduct, reports the Chicago Tribune. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has placed a second eight-figure police settlement on a City Council committee agenda: a $10.2 million settlement is proposed for one of the victims of notorious former police Commander Jon Burge, bringing to nearly $33 million the amount aldermen could vote to pay victims of police misconduct in a single day.

Eilman, then 21, was arrested at Midway Airport in the midst of a bipolar breakdown. She was held overnight and then released at sundown the next day without assistance several miles away in one of the city’s highest-crime neighborhoods. Alone and bewildered by her surroundings, the former UCLA student was abducted and sexually assaulted before plummeting from a seventh-floor window. She survived but suffered a severe and permanent brain injury, a shattered pelvis, and numerous other broken bones and injuries.

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