Oakland Hires Bratton for $250K To Help Reshape Police Department


Oakland’s plan to bring in former New York Police Commissioner and ex-Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton to help reshape the city’s troubled Police Department will come at a price – $250,000, to be exact, says the San Francisco Chronicle. That’s on top of the $100,000 that the city is already paying Bratton associate Bob Wasserman who was hired by the city last year to make suggestions for improving the department. One of those suggestions was to hire Bratton.

A source who knows Bratton well says the star cop is hardly a hands-on, detail-oriented manager who’s likely to make huge strides in dealing with Oakland’s surging crime or shortage of cops. Mayor Jean Quan’s office insists Bratton will be a good addition – with one assignment being to tweak the department’s CompStat crime-tracking system that he first helped create in L.A. “He has a great reputation – I just hope that whatever he suggests doesn’t wind up on the same bookshelf as all the other reports that the city has paid for and never implemented,” said Barry Donelan, head of the Oakland Police Officers Association.

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