NYPD Halts Commander’s Twitter Feed On Released Convicts


A controversial Twitter feed that a New York City police commander used to warn residents about local felons released from prison has gone dark, reports DNAInfo.com. Sources said the New York Police Department ordered an end to new posts on the Twitter account @76PrecinctNYPD, which had posted “Release Alerts” and “Recidivist Alerts,” sharing names and photos of formerly incarcerated individuals from the neighborhood who were no longer behind bars.

Community Board 6 District Manager Craig Hammerman called the department’s decision “disappointing,” saying, “The information that we get from our local precinct is appreciated and gave the community a stronger sense of confidence there is transparency and information coming from the police.” A day after DNAinfo.com publicized the feed, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the department is still figuring out its social-media protocol. “I’ve seen other police departments and precincts using things like Twitter and Facebook to post people that they’re looking for,” said New York University law Prof. Rachel Barkow. “I haven’t heard of anyone doing it for this. It sort of undercuts the idea of someone reentering society.”

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