TX Debates Armed Police In Elementary Schools–“Part Of The Fix”?


Texas is debating armed police in elementary schools, as suggested by the National Rifle Association, says the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. “I think we learned by looking at Newtown, it could be any town in the United States. When evil comes, you have to be as prepared as you can for it,” said Keller Police Chief Mark Hafner. “Though you will never be ready, you can be prepared.”

“It was discussed after Columbine. It was discussed after Jonesboro (Ar.),” said Kevin Lawrence of the Texas Municipal Police Association in Austin. “It’s not the entire fix. It might be part of the fix.” Steven Poole of the United Educators Association worries that communities may overreact. “These are neighborhood schools, and we want to be welcome and inviting for our parents and students,” he said. The biggest roadblock could be money. Sgt. Steve Hall, president of the Fort Worth Police Officers Association, estimates that it would cost about $5.5 million just to place one armed peace officer at 81 elementary schools in the Fort Worth school district.

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