Gun Business Booming After Newtown; VA Sets Background Check Record


Gun sales have surged across the nation after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre as enthusiasts rush to buy firearms they fear will be outlawed by a fresh push for gun control, the Washington Post reports. Gun dealers requested nearly 5,150 background checks on purchasers in Virginia eight days after the Dec. 14 Newtown, Ct., shootings, the largest number ever in a single day. In the days since, the daily number of background checks has regularly doubled corresponding totals from the previous year.

This year, the FBI reported a record 16.8 million in background checks for guns. “I've never seen shelves so bare in stores that weren't going out of business,” said John Pierce, co-founder of, a Virginia-based gun rights networking hub. “It's really shocking.” At the Nation’s Gun Show near Washington, D.C., this weekend, organizers expect twice as many attendees as a similar event last November. One dealer canceled when he ran out of ammunition to sell.

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