Colorado Gun-Buy Surge Continues; Wait Times at More Than 4 Days


The paper called it “uncharted territory” driven by “unprecedented interest in guns.” The continued rush to purchase firearms in Colorado has overwhelmed the system businesses use to track background check wait times and left thousands of would-be gun buyers on wait-lists that are now many days long, says the Denver Post. And with a major gun show coming to metro Denver this weekend, those expecting to walk away with a new firearm that day may be in for a surprise.

Just weeks ago, the background-check process took minutes to complete. Now, CBI’s processing time has moved beyond 100 hours. Background checks at gun shows in some other states aren’t required — leading to the national call to close the so-called “gun show loophole” — but in Colorado, that loophole was closed following the Columbine High School shooting. On Dec. 15, there were 573 background checks for firearm purchases in the Colorado Bureau of Investigation queue. Wait times were just over 15 minutes. But the latest surge followed the Dec. 14 school massacre in Connecticut and an outcry for more stringent gun-control laws. Now, about 3,000 checks are being submitted a day.

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