Experts Say Probe of Lanza’s Psyche Could Help Prevent Future Rampages


Experts say the investigation of Adam Lanza’s deadly rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut could lead to insights that shape national policy, says the New Haven Register. Officials will put together a detailed psychological profile of Lanza, which will likely shape the conversation on issues like gun control and treatment of the mentally ill. “I think, because of the magnitude of the case, we're looking at a series of events that will change national policy,” said John DeCarlo, a former police chief who now teaches at the University of New Haven. “I think the FBI and .(). the government are going to be looking for much more.”

Many questions about Adam Lanza's mental state, past and how he acquired weapons haven't been publicly answered. The nature of details released will likely set the tone for future conversations on how to prevent a similar mass shooting. “I think that right now, the biggest piece of the puzzle is in the understanding, in the motive, and I think as they work the case and come to an understanding, we'll see what caused this,” DeCarlo said.

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