Would Arming Teachers Help Stem School Violence or Increase It?


Some Texas state legislators and pro-gun advocates nationally are arguing that instead of trying to get rid of guns to prevent school violence, they want to allow teachers and administrators who are trained and licensed to carry weapons in the classroom, says the Christian Science Monitor. A host of Texas legislators will introduce legislation to allow gun-toting teachers in their state. U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tx.) told Fox News he wished the principal at the Sandy Hook Elementary School had a weapon.

Michigan’s legislature passed a bill to allow guns in schools the day of the Sandy Hook shooting, but it was vetoed by the governor. Those in favor say allowing teachers to arm themselves gives them a fighting chance. They argue that police can't watch all entrances to schools, so another episode is just a matter of time. Those opposed say it sends students the wrong message that a gun fight is the way to resolve the issue. Children might get hurt in any gun battle. What happens when police arrive and see someone in the classroom holding a gun? The police won't know if it's a teacher or an intruder and will shoot, possibly killing the teacher. “I've been involved with education my whole life, and I can't imagine any circumstances where it can be done in a safe and reasonable way,” says Robert Villanova of the University of Connecticut. “It's hard enough to get teachers to lock their doors.”

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