WI’s Walker: Use GPS For Those On Domestic Violence Restraining Orders


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants people who have domestic violence restraining orders issued against them placed on GPS monitoring so victims will be alerted when their assailants are nearby, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The idea is in response to the October shooting at a spa in Brookfield, Wi. “Nothing’s foolproof, so I’m cautious to say anything would prevent anything for sure,” Walker said. “But in the case of Brookfield, if that guy had a bracelet on, she got a text or a phone (call) to say he was close [ ] and (she) immediately called the police, you can’t guarantee anything, but I don’t think it’s a leap of assumption to say they might have arrived fairly rapidly and potentially would have prevented him from gaining access or at least from attacking as many people as he did.”

Walker signed a law this year that allows judges to put people on GPS tracking if they violate a restraining order and are found to be more likely than not to cause serious bodily harm to the person who sought the order. The law takes full effect in 2014. More than 15,000 new restraining orders and injunctions are issued a year on average in Wisconsin. It is not clear how many are related to domestic violence. The Department of Corrections monitors some sex offenders at a cost of $6.90 a day per offender. If those under a domestic violence restraining order were put on GPS monitoring and charged the same rate for six months, it would cost them more than $1,200. If those people could not afford to pay for their monitoring, it could add up to millions of dollars a year that taxpayers would pick up.

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