NRA Shuts Facebook Page, Unusually Silent About Connecticut School Shootings


The 4.3-million-member National Rifle Association, typically outspoken even after shooting deaths , has gone all but silent since last week’s rampage in Newtown, Ct., reports the Associated Press. Its Facebook page has disappeared. It has posted no tweets. It makes no mention of the shooting on its website. Yesterday, the NRA offered no rebuttal as 300 anti-gun protesters marched to its Capitol Hill office.

After previous mass shootings the group was quick to both send its condolences and defend gun owners’ constitutional rights, popular among millions of Americans. “The NRA’s probably doing a good thing by laying low,” said Hogan Gidley, a Republican strategist “Often after these tragedies, so many look to lay blame on someone, and the NRA is an easy whipping boy for this.” Since the Connecticut shootings, the NRA has been taunted and criticized at length, vitriol that may have prompted the shuttering of its Facebook page a day after the association boasted about reaching 1.7 million supporters on the social media network. Its last tweets, sent Friday, offered a chance to win an auto flashlight.

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