Ohio Teen Jailed for Facebook Post on Shooting Kids After CT Case


An 18-year-old Hamilton County, Oh., man faces a criminal charge over his Facebook posting “about the possibility of shooting other kids” after the last week's mass shooting at a Connecticut school, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Supporters started a “Free Devin Carey” Facebook page, asserting that authorities overreacted when they jailed Carey. “We want to free a man that was put behind bars for a Facebook status,” a description of the page says.

A judge set bail at $100,000 for Carey, who is accused of inducing panic. Court records allege Carey caused “serious public inconvenience or alarm” for school officials in Finneytown. Carey “made a statement on Facebook that he was sick of the comments on Facebook about the shooting in Connecticut and that all the comments make him want to shoot kids himself,” says a police affidavit. A posting by the defense page administrator says: “No one deserves to go to jail over a (Facebook) status.” The post says there was no specific actual threat, adding, “Come on guys, he made a general statement.” The posting also asserts that, if people really knew Carey and “his sense of humor,” they would understand.

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