Critics: Bob Costas Gun Remarks Should Have Been Labeled Commentary


NBC’s Bob Costas came in for more criticism, and some praise, on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” for his comments on America’s gun culture during halftime of last Sunday night’s football broadcast a day after the murder-suicide involving player Jovan Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs. Host Howard Kurtz and columnists Christine Brennan of USA Today and Mike Wise of the Washington Post agreed that Costas was right to be addressing the Belcher case but that his remarks should have labeled commentary.

Wise said it should have been “a little clearer to every viewer watching that, that Bob was going go into 90 seconds of a commentary kind of issue, again, I wish it would have been domestic violence, frankly, or the issue of concussions.” Brennan agreed it might have been better if Costas’ topic had been domestic violence. (Belcher killed his girlfriend.) In a later television appearance, Costas defended himself in part by saying, “I never used the words ‘gun control.’ People inferred that.”

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