NYPD to Step Up “Stressful” Force Training, No Trend Seen in Shootings


New York police officers fired guns 92 times last year, 19 leading to injuries and 9 resulting in death, says the New York Times. This year, there has been an unusual string of questionable and highly public shootings. Guidelines for the use of deadly force include a cardinal rule that allows the police to take a life if an officer believes that his or her own life, or that of another person, is in danger.

Officials say this year’s incidents involve no similarities and no emergent narratives. “We learn from each shooting what could have been done differently, hindsight being 20-20,” says Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. “There's always something that you might do differently in any situation, but based on the incidents of this past year, I don't see a trend.” The Times describes New York City’s “highly stressful” training for police on use of force,
“which simulates the tunnel vision and the loss of time perception that often come with tension [and] can prepare recruits for the nerve-racking work of actual policing.” Kelly has promised to increase the amount of scenario-based training for recruits when the department opens a new academy next year.

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