Violence at Chicago Gang Funerals “Way Out of Control,” McCarthy Says


Sherman Miller smiled for the camera and displayed a menacing handgun with an extended clip while he and his pals rode in a funeral procession for slain rapper Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman in Chicago this summer, says the Chicago Sun-Times. Miller, a 21-year-old parolee, attended another funeral for a murdered man last week. Once again, he was armed with a handgun. Miller and another man were ambushed on the steps of the church where the funeral was held.

Miller, a reputed Gangster Disciples member, was shot to death and the other man was seriously wounded while hundreds of mourners streamed past their bodies in horror. “This video shows how brazen these guys are,” said Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. “We have been working these funerals for a while. These guys are driving in and out of traffic, hanging out of windows and have firearms. This has gotten way out of control. We have to ramp it up to make sure this behavior stops.”

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