Pro Football Plagued With Suicides; Relationships “Riddled With Fear”


After the murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher, Rachel Binns Terrill, wife of another former National Football League player, writes for the Seattle Times that a professional football player’s life seems prone to severe problems. Terrill, an instructor at Northwest University, notes that four current or former NFL players have committed suicide in eight months. “Was it steroids? Concussions?” she asks.

“Love in the NFL is riddled with loneliness, depression, uncertainty, and fear,” Terrill says. “I don't know what made this superhero [Belcher] snap. I don't know why this NFL girlfriend lost her life or why their daughter is going to be left to grow up without her mom and dad. But I can guess that there was a private pain that plagued them both. Inside the world of the NFL, it's neither incomprehensible nor is it senseless. Tragic, yes.” The Kansas City Chiefs had been providing counseling to Belcher and his girlfriend, the Kansas City Star reports.

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