“Stand Your Ground” May Get Another Test As A Florida Teen Is Killed


In another test of Florida's broad self-defense law, a software developer charged with killing a Jacksonville teenager said he reached for his gun and fired eight rounds only after he was threatened with a shotgun, the New York Times reports. Michael Dunn, 45, was charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder. Dunn told his lawyer that the victim, Jordan Davis, 17, who was parked at a convenience store on Friday night with three other teenagers, pointed a shotgun at him through a partly rolled-down window, threatened to kill him, and began to open the door.

The shooting occurred after a dispute over loud music coming from the teenagers' sport utility vehicle. Davis, a high school junior, died after being shot twice. Jacksonville sheriff's did not find a shotgun in the car. Dunn and his fiancée fled the convenience store after the teenagers left because he was afraid they would return, his lawyer, Robin Lemonidis, said. He did not call the authorities; the police arrested him after a witness noted his license plate number. The case has drawn parallels to the Trayvon Martin shooting because of the age and race of the victim, the fact that no weapon associated with the victim has been found, and Dunn's self-defense claim. Lemonidis is considering using the state's Stand Your Ground law, which allows people who fear for their lives to retaliate with lethal force, as a defense.

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