Firearms Buyers Active Despite Lack of Federal Gun Control Activity


In a continuing trend that alarms gun control proponents, thousands of Americans are buying up ammo, handguns and other firearms, citing concerns that President Obama might push new regulations in his second term or that U.N. agreements might infringe on the U.S. gun market, says the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. “I have purchased more since the election,” said Michael Hill, 49. “I hear a lot of buzz about [ ] putting more restrictions in place.
“There’s a lot of paranoia out there. But [Obama] has nothing to lose now because he won’t be re-elected again.”

Gun and ammo sales locally are on the rise — about twice as high as they were this time last year — even though sales can’t match the mad rush that cleared out many gun stores after Obama was elected in 2008. Weapon and ammunition shortages could be on the horizon if gun lovers keep up this pace. Gun control advocates don’t understand the rush to stock up on firearms, ammunition, magazines, and more. “I personally think it’s very silly,” said Marsha McCartney of the Texas chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. “The president has not done anything in four years to make them think he’s coming to get their guns. It’s a sad commentary on what people are telling these people to keep them frightened.”

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