First Inmate Set For Release Under California 3-Strikes Law Revision


Kenneth Corley, 62, has become the first person to be re-sentenced under a revision to the California three-strikes law approved by voters on Nov. 6, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune. Judge David Danielsen last week re-sentenced Corley to 15 years and four months in prison. Because he has been incarcerated longer than that, he will be released shortly.

Corley has been serving a sentence of 25 years to life in prison since 1996. He was sentenced under the original 1994 three-strikes law that called for life sentences for anyone convicted of a third felony. Lawyers for Corley, with the District Attorney's Office, drew up a re-entry plan for Corley that includes a place to live in San Diego and a job. In a statement, Dumanis said that was a key factor in supporting his release from prison. Justin Brooks, a California Western law professor who worked on the case, said Corley was an example of the kind of inmates Proposition 36 was meant to help, and he was confident Corley would not end up in prison again.

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