Florida Police Officer Retires After Volunteering to Kill Obama


Jacksonville, Fl., police officer Sam Koivisto retired last week rather than face an investigation over his volunteering to kill President Barack Obama, reports the Jacksonville Times-Union. He said the was frustrated with the Nov. 6 election results, and the threat was all talk. Koivisto told the Times-Union the issue was “blown out of proportion” and that he was planning to retire in five months anyway. He said the early retirement was probably “best for everybody.”

What Koivisto said in the department's auto theft office didn't appear to break the law but is an example of behavior among police and other agencies in Jacksonville that has been found inappropriate and even criminal in the past several months. Koivisto told the integrity unit he said he would not be bothered if a nuclear explosion “killed them all,” referring to residents of Northeastern states struck by Hurricane Sandy. They were Obama supporters, he said. Sheriff John Rutherford said the comments were inappropriate for the workplace.

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