Search Experts Following GPS Issue in Colorado Bank Robbery Case


A federal case in Colorado involving GPS tracking is being watched by Fourth Amendment lawyers and law enforcement experts, says the New York Times. The lawyer for a bank robbery suspect argues that a roadblock was unconstitutional, saying that the Fourth Amendment should keep the police from rounding up large groups of people at gunpoint based merely on a hunch.

Prosecutors argue that the roadblock was the safest option, given the potential for a high-speed chase. They said the tracking device showed that the bank robber was clearly at a specific intersection, allowing the police to tailor the roadblock. Judge William Martinez ruled the evidence admissible and that the detention of other motorists was justified, given that a potentially dangerous criminal was on the loose. The judge said he was troubled by the invasive tactics used by the police toward motorists caught in the blockade. The FBI used a hand-held tracking device to determine which vehicle was emitting the satellite signal, but it took nearly an hour for the FBI to get there.

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