NYC Parole Officers Making Many Post-Hurricane Checks


Parole officers have been making house calls throughout New York City neighborhoods damaged by Hurricane Sandy even as reports of looting have all but disappeared, says the New York Times. The visits began one week after the storm's landfall on Oct. 29. In the Rockaways area alone, there have been about 100 visits since Nov. 9. Similar visits, after nightfall, are taking place on Staten Island once a week for the rest of the month, to check on whether parolees are obeying their curfews.

There are 698 parolees on Staten Island and 1,021 in the Queens district that includes the Rockaways. Police and parole officers described the visits as a combination of a gesture of support for parolees who may need some kind of help after the storm and a proactive show of force. “It gives them an idea of omnipresence,” said one veteran police supervisor. People who think officers are everywhere and watching their movements are less inclined to steal.

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