As Loughner Gets Life, Ex-Rep. Giffords’ Husband Calls for Gun Control


The sentencing hearing for the man who shot former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords turned political when her husband, Mark Kelly, attacked Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer in a statement to the court for showing “feckless” leadership on gun control, reports Politico. Brewer said she had no interest in responding to on such a “solemn occasion.” Jared Loughner, who pleaded guilty to 11 charges linked to the 2011 Tucson shooting that left six people dead and Giffords with grave injuries that forced her to resign from Congress.

“In this state we have elected officials so feckless in their leadership that they would say, as in the case of Governor Jan Brewer, 'I don't think it has anything to do with the size of the magazine or the caliber of the gun,'” Kelly said. He added, “We have a political class that is afraid to do something as simple as have a meaningful debate about our gun laws and how they are being enforced. We have representatives who look at gun violence, not as a problem to solve, but as the white elephant in the room to ignore. As a nation we have repeatedly passed up the opportunity to address this issue. After Columbine; after Virginia Tech; after Tucson and after Aurora we have done nothing.” Brewer was not at the hearing. Loughner, 24, will spend the rest of his life in prison. (The formal sentence was seven life terms plus 140 years.)

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