Tennessee Again Ranks High in Rate of Men Killing Women


At least 62 women were killed by men in Tennessee in 2010, according to the Violence Policy Center, putting the state third-worst in the nation for that type of crime, reports the Tennessean. That is the state's worst showing in more than a decade, although it has been in the top 10 every year but one since 2001. Kristen Rand, legislative director for the Violence Policy Center, said repeat showings in the top 5 and 10 indicate a pattern and a real problem.

“It tells you that it's not a fluke, that there's definitely a problem,” she said. Gov. Bill Haslam cited last year's Violence Policy Center report, which ranked Tennessee fifth in the nation, as part of the impetus for his public safety plan. A part of that plan included mandatory jail sentences of at least 30 days for a second conviction of domestic assault and at least 90 days for three or more convictions. “One case of domestic violence in Tennessee is too many, and to be ranked near the top as one of the worst states for violence against women is unacceptable,” said Dave Smith, spokesman for Haslam's office.

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