Cybersecurity, Online Privacy on Agenda for Obama’s Second Term


The reelection of President Barack Obama along with another politically divided Congress means the tech policy battles from the past few years are going to intensify, even if a few of the faces fighting are about to change, says Politico. During a second term, Obama can capitalize on new momentum to push his agenda to boost the country's cybersecurity defenses, improve the nation’s wireless system and develop rules to assuage consumers' online privacy fears.

But greeting Obama 2.0 will be a new cast of characters with a familiar story — a Congress with some fresh faces, yet the partisanship that's stymied tech legislation in sessions past. It's safe to say Obama's return to the White House means the administration is going to forge ahead to ensure its plans — many years in the making — soon come to fruition. That's especially the case with cybersecurity, a matter that has stalled for years on Capitol Hill. If anything, Tuesday's outcome may serve as a green light for the White House as it weighs a draft executive order to improve the digital defenses of power plants, water systems and other forms of critical infrastructure. The administration has spent months laying the groundwork for a potential executive order, said former White House cyber adviser Howard Schmidt.

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