Gun Control Advocate Vows Doing Better Job at Promoting Political Debate On Firearms


Gun-control advocates are among the those who couldn't get the presidential nominees from either major party to embrace their passions as election-season centerpieces in a cycle when the economy so thoroughly dominated, the Washington Post reports. Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Violence, is engaged in a “fundamental shift” drawn from the lessons of this presidential campaign, says the Post.

Gross vows next time to try harder at stimulating a national conversation by capitalizing on polls that he says show an overwhelming majority of Americans want measures such as criminal background checks for gun buyers. Then, he reasons, the campaigns will have to listen. Said Gross: “Nobody wants to live in a country where 32 people are gunned down every day. Those of us who work on this issue need to do a better job on — and are now intensely focused on — really giving voice to the overwhelming majority of Americans who want to have this conversation.”

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