Break-Ins Up In Post-Hurricane Sandy “Burglars’ Paradise” New York City


Across New York City, there have been reports of looting since Hurricane Sandy hit, leading to a 7 percent rise in burglary complaints from Monday through Thursday, compared with the same period last year, the New York Times reports. Overall, reported crime is down. Only a single murder was reported in the city from Monday through Thursday, compared with six during that period last year. Robberies were down in that time frame, to 156, from 244 last year.

More property crimes may be reported as people return to their homes. It is possible, police officials say, that burglars have hit abandoned apartments in areas where the power — and lights — are out and whose tenants have not yet returned home to discover their possessions missing. “It's a burglars' paradise when you think about it,” said Ed Mullins, the president of the police sergeants' union.

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