How Did Naked Florida Woman End Up Shot to Death By Off-Duty Officers?


The Tampa Bay Times explores how “a modest, compassionate and devout woman end up standing naked [Oct. 20] in front of two off-duty law enforcement officers with a firearm.” The officers killed her when she approached a group of people uninvited with a firearm, says the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities have not identified what type of firearm she was carrying, but Inga Marie Swanson’s live-in boyfriend, David Simpson, said it was an antique firearm that had been mounted on the second floor of his home. He said that the single-shooter had no bullets and that the barrel had to be held in place by hand or it would fold downward and the barrel would aim at the ground. Earlier that afternoon, two men saw had seen Swanson walking around naked and carrying a large silver cross. She approached them, waving the cross and making statements about an “Antichrist.”Authorities have not disclosed how many times the officers fired or whether Swanson aimed the firearm at the officers or any other people. They have not disclosed whether anyone called for on-duty assistance after Swanson first appeared naked and irrational.

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