Ramsey: “We Need to Stop Cherry-Picking Our Outrage” Over Crimes


“We need to stop cherry-picking our outrage. That’s what we do; we cherry-pick our outrage.” So Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey tells the Philadelphia Inquirer about how people react to crime incidents. “The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world will be in Philadelphia tomorrow if a cop shoots some kid, especially if it’s a white cop and black kids,” Ramsey fumes, “but where is the outrage when you have black-on-black crime that goes on constantly in these neighborhoods?”

While hundreds of Philadelphians marched for justice for Florida teen Trayvon Martin, a Philadelphia teen Yasin Harvey, 16, was senselessly gunned down while walking to the store. “Mistaken identity,” Ramsey explains. “This kid ain’t had nothing to do with anything. Good kid. Where’s the march? He’s one of ours. Ramsey’s national profile continues to rise. He is president of the Police Executive Research Forum, and the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association just made him its president, the first time anyone has held those two positions at the same time.

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