Obama Administration Not Speaking Out On Pot-Legalization Measures


Advocates of legalizing marijuana for recreational use may be closing in on their first statewide victory, says Fox News. Voter initiatives that would legalize up to an ounce of pot will be on the November ballot in Oregon, Colorado, and Washington State. Polling shows the measures leading in Washington and Colorado with at least 50 percent support. “If Washington or Colorado wins in November, and both of them have a good chance to do so, it is going to be transformative in the way we think about marijuana policy in this country and even outside,” says legalization advocate Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance.

Opponents of the Washington measure have raised only $6,000 compared to supporters, who have collected more than $4 million. The single biggest contributor has been Peter Lewis, chairman of Progressive Insurance and a mega donor to liberal causes. Nine ex-U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration directors have had no response to a request that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder speak out against legalization. President Obama and drug czar Gil Kerlikowske have been mum even though the government's website is full of warnings. President George W. Bush's drug czar, John Walters, can't understand why President Obama is not using his bully pulpit. “I think it's shocking that Attorney General Holder, [ ] Kerlikowske, but most of all the president of the United States, can't talk about this,” says Walters. “It's about health, it's about safety, it's about the future of the country.”

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