Feinberg Recruited to Settle Payments to Aurora Theater Shooting Victims


Ken Feinberg has a pretty good idea how “rough justice” should be done for the victims of the July 20 Aurora movie-theater shooting, says the Denver Post. The end of much of the turmoil and confusion surrounding the $5 million Aurora Victim Relief Fund could come by mid-November, said Feinberg, the fund’s special master. He has served as paymaster for most of the highest-profile American crises since 9/11 and has broad experience in assigning a dollar amount to suffering.

Feinberg meets with groups of victims and families Oct. 11 and 12 and on Oct. 15 announces the protocol for distributing funds. All claims to the relief fund must be in by Nov. 1. Feinberg will hold private, one-on-one talks with victims and their families Nov. 1-9. He’ll make final payment determinations and disburse monies as quickly as possible after Nov. 15. “It’s rough justice — no money in the world can bring people back or make someone injured whole,” Feinberg told the Post. “The money just means a little less financial insecurity. It should come with no strings.” Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper recruited Feinberg when frustration with management of the Aurora Victim Relief Fund boiled over into anger and accusations.

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